Pearl has her own health problems. She has a prolapsed uterus (outside her body) from birthing Raja. pearl urine burns Pearl is incontinent. She has constant urine scalds down her rear legs and feet. She has sufered from count- less urinary infections, which could become systemic and risk her life.. pearl urine burns
On March 14, 2007 Clara’s 50 years of imprisonment came to an end.
She was euthanized after sufering for so many years.
It is too late for CLARA. It is not too late for Pearl!
pearl then and now
Ask yourself “What is wrong with Pearl?" Then ask the St. Louis zoo. See the 'contacts' page for information. Please call and write for Pearl!

Pearl was observed 'rocking' violently in the corner for an hour. This is a captivity-induced neurotic behavior.

“The key flooring to avoid for chronic cystitis is concrete as this pools the leaking urine which rots the skin of the feet. So she would be better on, deep litter, peat, saw shavings, straw indoors and grass or deeper sand (ie not sand covered concrete rock) outdoors in my opinion. The problem would be on deep litter indoors if she started to eat it, it could make things worse by causing impaction colic, or even poisoning if "treated" saw dust/shavings is mistakenly used. So observation is key and ad lib hay overnight to prevent this.”

Simon Adams, DVM